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Halo: Resurrection
Pillar of Autumn


Tips n' Tricks
The Monitor/Sentinels
Halo 2

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You start out in the cryo-freezing chamber.  If you are playing easy you have to go through a number of tests which will affect the controller.  I am not going to explain those so lets go on ahead:
  • Follow the guy until he reaches the second door, it will explode killing him. 
  • Jump across the pipes in the middle of the hall by pressing A and come out the other side.
  • Continue through doors passing by the chaos until you reach a marine
  • Follow him until you reach the Bridge and  Captain Keyes
  • He will give you a pistol but it needs ammo so walk out until you reach some Grunts
  • You will pick up ammo, so kill them.
  • Walk ahead into a huge room the Cafeteria and help the marines fight off Grunts and Elites and try to save as many marines as possible.  Go through a lot of rooms killing and blowing up Grunts and Elites.
  • Keep going until you hear a marine yell: "What the ****, did something just hit us?"
  • Stay away from the explosion that occurs behind two marines, then fight off all the guys, after that go inside the ship and take the overshield
  • Keep on going until you hear Coratna say: "Covenant, on the landing above us"
  • Defeat all the guys and go up on the ramps to continue on
  • Keep going killing aliens until you hear Cortana say: "Theres one last lifeboat, get in, hurry!" or something like that and there you have it you beat the level...

If you want a detailed Guide for legendary mode click here

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