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Halo: Resurrection
Tips n' Tricks


Tips n' Tricks
The Monitor/Sentinels
Halo 2

For unlimited ammo/camo follow this link:

Unlimited Ammo/Camo

Easter Eggs:
Random Phrases
Type in for a name:
It will say one of these at the top of the screen
You need a great TV to see this... Hippos are on almost everything from shotgun shells to Warthogs its just you need to look closely.
Marcus Lehto
Look on Master Chief's boots they have the initials of the Halo Art Director and look on the top left side of the Scorpion it has his birthdate 03/05/69
Thirsty Grunt
On the Maw right after Foe Hammer blows up, take the first tunnel to the right and quickly turn right again at the end of this hall filled with dead things there is one lonely grunt that says:
"Good thing that food nipple's waitin' for me at the starship, cause, man! Have I worked up a big, grunty, thirst!"
Tyson Green
In the Maw to see Tyson's nickname get to the part where Foe Hammer dies continue forward as usual and you will soon approach that huge jump that takes you down a few stories. Well, when you're plummeting down towards the landing area, another big ramp, you'll notice there's a sort of bridge over it, with several containers and two open doors on either side. If you prop your jeep on the far ledge with the front wheels hanging over, you should be able to jump on the structure and walk along it to the bridge. 
Here is a movie
Seige of Madrigal
To hear music from Myth:walkway
on Assault on the Control Room.

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